CCTS Certificate Program Requirements and Procedure

The CCTS Certificate Program is only open to The Rockefeller University and Tri-Institutional community.

The Rockefeller University's Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science Program was developed in collaboration with students and postdoctoral fellows to provide trainees with an introduction to the principles and practice of clinical and translational research. It is a biennial program. PhD students, MD-PhD students, postdoctoral trainees, investigators, and research nurses who are currently at Rockefeller University are all eligible for the program, provided that their participation is supported by their Head of Laboratory or supervisor.

The Certificate Program is comprised of two one-credit courses taken over a one year period. The first course, which begins in September, is titled Introduction to Clinical and Translational Research. This course consists of two 60-90 minute sessions each week, starting at noon on Mondays and Fridays. The first session of each week consists of a presentation and discussion of specific elements in the development of a human subject protocol, including the elements of informed consent, clinical trial design, biostatistics, and the bioethical basis of human studies. The second session consists of a presentation by a faculty member or guest lecturer on her or his own translational research, with emphasis on the protocol element discussed earlier in the week. Students in this course will design a hypothetical clinical study and write it up as a formal protocol.

The other required course, offered in the spring, is titled Introduction to Techniques in Clinical and Translational Science. The course meets once per week for two hours.

The course will present the principles and practice of select techniques used in clinical and translational science such as flow cytometry and mRNA expression analysis, with a focus on unique aspects in studying human samples. Trainees successfully completing the courses will receive a Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science and this information will be included on the transcripts of the Rockefeller University students.

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